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Software I developed available online

The good  old  New! BrainsBreaker, the computer jigsaw puzzle program. Will turn your pictures into fun puzzles BrainsBreaker 5
The computer jigsaw puzzle. Now available for Mac computers too (and for Windows as before)
Enjoy the delightful experience while playing and after completing a puzzle of a beatiful image.
Helps to reconnect and have a lovely time with yourself.
Look what a nice stream of testimonials of people who use it.

Download a free trial here it comes with a bunch of puzzles that can be played freely.

The photoblog contains many free jigsaw puzzles produced with the program.

PhotoEchoes computer kaleidsocope. Produces mesmerizing animated images, never repeated from your own photographsPhotoEchoes
As a kid I was fascinated by kaleidoscopes so I had to try it with software and here goes PhotoEchoes. Based on your pictures, produces animated images on the fly. Look the gallery.

PhotoChances, see your digital pothos with spectacular random effectsPhotoChances
A program that applies image processing effects and filters to your digital photographs. It's a mix between a tool and a toy. Me and others  find it fun, inspiring and useful.  See some images with effects from it.

You can give a try to all these programs freely with no compromise.
On each product's page you will find the download link.



To me photography is an irrational act. Yes, it is all wrapped with techniques, rules and diverse theories but the moment you shot has that feeling of stopping everything including the mental machinery.
I think a photograph does not seek an understanding but an impact, the reproduction and -if possible- the expansion of that instant in the reality of the viewer. The -at times overwhelming- sensation of silence when looking a good photograph is real but it is not a physical silence, it's mental. It is the magic of photography that can reproduce and expand that instant without reasoning because it has no time.

Nature gracefully it lets you play discovering secrets.
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